In an effort to teach Mila that food doesn't come from the supermarket, we've taken a few trips to local farms. We chose blackberry picking at Underwood Farms Somis for our latest outing. Underwood is well known in Southern California, especially for their Halloween festivities, but their Somis location is a smaller, more low-key destination. In addition to pick-your-own berries, they have a farm market, animal center and a sandlot to play in.

The blackberries are on tall bushes with thorns so they're not as easy/kid-friendly as strawberry picking, but still fun to gather. Next time we'll try blueberries (April - mid-June).

A nice picnic table in the shade to sit and enjoy your harvest.

Local avocados and citrus at the farm market.

Alpacas looking for some food. You can buy carrots for $1 at the farm market to feed them and the other animals.

The pygmy goats getting a snack.