Over the weekend we checked out THE RISE OF THE JACK O'LANTERNS at La Cañada's Descanso Gardens. The family-friendly, night-time event showcases over 5,000 carved jack o'lanterns, on a 45 minutes stroll through the paths of the gardens. 

Upon entrance you can purchase snacks (and even booze!) and relax in their pretty picnic area. The also have a large array of flashlights and glow toys available for purchase, before you make your trek on the spooky trail.

Some pretty serious craftmanship went into these pumpkins! It was a great, festive night out with the family. THE RISE runs until November 1st. *Note: All tickets must be purchased in advance. Enjoy the Jack O'Lanterns! xx


Over the summer, I took Brixton to his buddy's birthday party at Woodland Hill's Sky High Sports. Since then, we keep going back to this "Trampoline Place" because we really love it! I particularly like Sky High because they allow adults to jump too (which some other places do not). It's a great calorie burner while spending time with the kids! Win-win!

Wall-to-wall trampolines.

They offer "Air-Obics" classes that look fun.

They also have an arcade if you want to make an afternoon of it. xx

Sky High Sports is located at: 6033 Dee Soto Ave., Woodland Hills


When Brixton was a baby, my friend and facialist, Kristy told me about the kids' drum circles at REMO in North Hollywood. Finally, almost two years later, I made it to one of their Kids Rhythm Clubs! Every Saturday they host 35 minute drum circles, at 9:30 and 11:00AM. Kids are free and adults are $5. You can't beat it. And if your kids are at all interested in music, they will dig it. 

Pick your own percussion and drums, and take them to your spot!

Drum away!!

REMO hosts all kinds of drum circles and workshops. Check their event calendar for all of the details.

REMO Recreational Music Center is located at: 7308 Coldwater Canyon Ave., North Hollywood, 91605



Over the weekend, we went "glamping" at the beautiful El Capitan Canyon. This is my level of camping. Especially with a two-year-old.

Here's how they describe it on their website - "Enjoy services and amenities typically found in a traditional resort, yet it’s minimalism without deprivation… comfort without over-indulgence. The glories of nature without the overbearing manufactured hand of man. Experience the natural beauty of the environment in a camp-like surrounding with all the creature comforts we have come to enjoy and expect."

You can chose between various types of cedar cabins or a luxury safari tent. We stayed in a "Creekside King," which was one room with a kitchenette and bathroom. Those rooms come with small fridges but my friends instructed me to bring a large cooler with ice packs which worked brilliantly. I kept it on our porch for the three-day weekend and my food was still cold at the end of the trip. 

Spend the day outside hiking in nature, play sports on their grassy field, swim in their heated pool, bring the kids to their playground or bike to the beach. 

Then return back to camp to make food on the grill!

And just because you are camping, doesn't mean you can't enjoy a good cheese platter! Just buy your favorite cheeses and crackers ahead of time, pack perishables in your cooler, bring parchment paper and/or wood platters and you are set!

And if you don't want to bring food, El Capitan has their own cafe and market with almost anything and everything you could want.

Their adorable country-style market.

We enjoyed a break from cooking on the campfire and ordered Sunday breakfast at the cafe.

Peaceful and pretty surroundings outside the market/cafe.

This guy had the best time! Can't wait for next year!! xx