I love showers! And I am very particular about the games played at said showers. I also think that having a great game or two for guests to participate in really livens and loosens things up. I like to pick a small prize for the winner of each game. I usually go for a small pack of nice stationary, gourmet chocolates or a small, pretty plant. Here are three fun games that I think go over well with groups of ladies:


The #1, very best game for a baby or bridal shower is THE QUIZ. It is the most labor intensive, but in my opinion, well worth it. It's very personal and unique to the guest-of-honor and makes her feel special. It also is a great way for her guests to learn more about her. It usually gets some good laughs and creates a bonding experience for the guests. This game is my all around favorite (even great for birthdays too!) and works well in both small and large shower settings. 

In the week or two before the event, "interview" your guest-of-honor on the subject surrounding the shower. If it's her bridal shower, you can ask her things like how she and her fiancé met, how he proposed, etc. For a baby shower, you can ask what she's been craving, the baby's due date and if she's been wildly emotional about anything in particular. I then like to format the questions mostly in multiple choice. That's where some humor comes in. Get creative and add some funny multiple choices. I usually do 10-12 questions on a quiz. I do the majority multiple choice with a few "true or false" sprinkled in. Here are some examples:

What has Laurén craved the most during her pregnancy?
A.     Peanut Butter
B.     Chocolate Pudding
C.     Citrus/Sour Fruit
D.    Toaster Waffles

What is Laurén’s #1 fear about having a baby?
A.     Contractions
B.     Pushing
C.     Being at the hospital
D.     Being alone with a newborn

In her pregnancy, Laurén cried when Jason didn’t seem interested in looking at baby gear.

Just have fun with it! It's always a hit!!



Have you ever played regular Scattergories? It's a great game. For a shower, you would make a pre-made game card like the one pictured above. Put a short word at the top like "BOY," "GIRL," "RING," "I DO" or something of the like. Each letter of that word will dictate the letter that your answer word(s) starts with. Then on the left, list out 6, 7 or 8 subjects relating to the shower (Baby stuff for a baby shower. Wedding stuff for a bridal shower). The guests must list something that starts with the letter above. And it has to be original! If two or more guests put the same answer, they don't get a point. Start a timer before they begin. I think 1 minute per letter is a good rule of thumb. So for the above B-O-Y baby shower card, 3 minutes should be good. Once the time is up, go down each letter and call out the subject. Have each person call out what they have. If there is any question on the legitimacy of the answer, let the group vote. Each acceptable and original (no one else wrote the same thing) answer gets a point. The person with the most points wins. 


3. GUESS THE BELLY SIZE (Baby Shower).

I think this game is really cute, but some gals may feel sensitive of their size so you might want to check with the guest-of-honor first before embarking on this game. I played it at my baby shower and thought it was really fun. It also gave me a chance to see each guest at the shower, even if just for a moment. I also like it because it takes virtually no planning and is great when you are in a bind and short on time. 

Take a roll of string or ribbon (lately I have been using natural twine). Pass it around with a pair of scissors and ask each guest to guess the size of the mama-to-be's belly, by cutting the string at the length they think is the circumference of the widest part of her belly (just under her belly button). Once everyone has cut their string, have the guest-of-honor stand up so her guests can come measure they string around her belly. The person who is the closest, wins. 


I hope this makes your next shower super fun! xx