It's officially Valentine's weekend! If you didn't have tons of time to prep, here's a super cute DIY cake (or any dessert or food!) topper you can make in 10 minutes!

What you'll need:

A few sheets of paper in any shade you'd like. (I used a dark and light hot pink) 

Heart Puncher (Mine is 2 3/8' from Michael's)

Bamboo Skewers (You can find these at most markets). 

I made 14 skewers (8 of the dark pink and 6 of the lighter). To make 14 skewers, cut 28 hearts.

Place a conservative amount of glue going down the center of one heart and on each side about 1/4" out. Place a bamboo skewer on the center glue and out another strip of glue on the skewer. Add another heart to sandwich the skewer and gently press together.

Lay flat for few minutes to allow the glue to dry.

Starting in the front of the cake, add the heart skewers at various heights (you will most likely need to trim the bottoms, depending on the height of your cake. Gradually increase the height of the skewers as you work your way back. Cute!!!

Happy Valentine's Day! xoxoxo!!!!