I was a week in to my New Year's diet when I just had to have a burger and fries. So, the boys took me out to a cozy Sunday dinner at Belcampo Meat Co.'s Santa Monica Restaurant. I have to admit, I'm happy I had this as my little cheat! Located just next door to their flagship butcher shop on Wilshire Blvd., the restaurant's elegant-industrial style is what I like to call "manly-chic."


We got to come in for a little sneak peek before the restaurant opened. 

Tony from the restaurant was kind enough to offer Brixton a sample of their homemade fermented strawberry soda. It was delicious.

Clockwise from left: Belcampo Burger, Saved by the Basil cocktail, Brussels Sprouts with Housemade Sausage, Lamb Burger.


Oh man. Perfect way to end the weekend. xx


Recently we dined (and drank) at the new K-Town hotspot, Commissary, at Wilshire Blvd.'s Line Hotel. This gorgeous modern greenhouse, located next to the hotel's pool, is a great place for just about anything - a group dinner, date night or a lunch-time business meeting. Their food was delish and their drinks were just how I like 'em - fresh and sublime.

The restaurant is located up on the 8th floor of the hotel. They've got the mood set with string lights and greenery everywhere.

Feeling a chill? Grab one of their cozy blankets while you hang. 

Some seriously pretty greenhouse vibes right here.

Their drink menus arrived via airmail. 

Oh hey there. It's me. Just trying on my friend's new Theirry Lasry sunglasses while we wait for our drinks. My dress is from Free People and my baby "b" necklace is Jennifer Meyer via Barney's. And I had no time to do my hair that day. Ok, back to our regularly scheduled program...

My new favorite drink - "Gin & Juice" - gin, fresh watermelon juice and topped with basil. UNREAL DELICIOUSNESS. We all loved this drink so much that we able to move on and try any other cocktails!

Cobb salad.

Cauliflower tempura.

Shrimp po' boy.

Avocado toast with salmon.


General consensus: 2 Thumbs up, fo sho. xx

Commissary at The Line Hotel is located at: 

3515 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, 90010