It's Earth Week and I am all about loving natural things, including what we put on our bodies. About 4 years ago, my good friend Holly took me to an event that was all about the dangers of chemicals and toxins in personal care products -- soap, lotions, face creams, deodorant, make-up, hair care, et al. It was an major eye-opener for me. With skin being the body's largest organ, I saw that what we put ON our bodies, was just as important as what we put in them. It was there that I learned about Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep®.

This section of the incredible EWG site is dedicated to informing consumers of all the important information of what exactly is in their personal care products and how safe (or dangerous) it really is. You can search brands for ingredient lists, look up what ingredients are and find a 1-10 safety rating of the product. Here's more on how it works

Now that people are really catching on and wanting safer products, there are a lot of fabulous, more natural personal care products out on the market. Here are my current 5 favorite "junk-free" lines:


Wishing you a naturally beautiful day! xx