August is National Peach Month! So I have concocted a refreshing peach-based spritzer that is easily turned into a yummy cocktail, if you so desire!

Ingredients Per Serving:

3 or 4 - 1/4'' Peach Slices

5 - White Raspberries

1 oz. - Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice

1 oz. - Simple Syrup

Sparkling Water


Slice a peach into thin 1/4" inch slices. Muddle peach and raspberries in a cocktail shaker. Add lemon and simple syrup.

If you are making a boozy version, add 1 oz. of any spirit you would like. Vodka is always a crowd pleaser but I personally love this with gin. Even scotch or whisky would taste great! 

Shake and strain over ice. Top with sparkling water.  Cheers! xx

P.S. Simple syrup doesn't have to me made with just sugar. If you are trying to eat a little healthier, make it the same way, but with honey or maple syrup-based simple syrup. I make lemonade like that, more often than not!