We recently threw a holiday playdate for our kids and their friends. We always want to have a handmade element at our parties so I DIY'ed the Christmas tree ornaments. It was actually amazing how much satisfaction these simple little guys gave me!

We got these beautiful tabletop trees from Mr. Greentrees (who have the prettiest trees) and added ornaments in red, pink, blue, green and mint (made from Paper Source paper). 

So I thought I'd share them here with you:

Supplies: paper (text weight, not card stock), 2 inch circle punch, scissors, glue and string. 

Punch all of your circles (we used one pack of each color, so fifty sheets total).

Take eight circles of a color and fold each in half.

Take one folded circle and make it flat again. Add glue.

Add a folded circle to the left and a folded circle to the right. Then put glue on those and add more folded circles. When you only have one left, take a length of string, loop it at the top and let it hand low beneath.

Then glue your final circle on top of the string. Knot the string at the top of the circle and the bottom of the circle.