It's June 1st! Since it's our birth month (I'm on the 27th and Sis is on the 25th) we thought we'd go deeper into the Twink + Sis pyche and share some our all-time favorites -- the things we can't live without! So, without further ado, here are mine!

Hats are basically the greatest invention ever. You could have the dirtiest, "overwhelmed mom of a toddler" hair, throw a great fedora on, and you look instantly stylish. I love Rag & Bone's hats -- I have several and wear them constantly. 

I have been drinking Bulletproof coffee for about a year and a half now, and I don't think I will ever go back to life without it. I blend grass-fed ghee, Bulletproof Brain Octane & Collagelatin and cinnamon with my hot coffee, in the blender each morning. It's the best way to wake up! I feel energized and nourished. I'm a fat-aholoic!

Vintage rugs make a house. At least they do mine! They bring so much beauty and character! My good friend and designer, Peri Perry introduced me to Lawrence of LaBrea. If you live in the LA area they will bring rugs of your choosing to you, to try in your home! Love that kind of service!




I'm all about natural beauty products, particularly when they go over your entire body. I love the smell and feel of Nubian Heritage Coconut Papaya Body Lotion. I use it every day post-shower!

I love taking Brixton for afternoon outings to The Brentwood Country Mart. They have the cutest shops and host movie nights for kids in their courtyard, every Monday night in the summer!

I never knew workout socks had to be anything special until I discovered Balega Hidden Comfort Socks about five years ago. LIFE. CHANGING. Particularly if you do any type of high impact sport like running or dance. 



A really good citrus juicer has improved my hosting abilities tremendously. I can make lemonade or fresh squeezed orange juice so quickly. We are sticklers for fresh drinks and make our own lemonade for a lot of our parties. The Breville Citrus Press Pro makes my hosting life so much easier.


This BLK DNM leather jacket is a wardrobe staple and it's under $1K. I wear it with everything. Enough said. 


If you had x-ray vision into my body, you would probably find a sea of GT Dave's Gingerade Kombucha. I've had at least one a day (if not a few. hehe) for about 7 years. Life just doesn't feel complete without it!

John Robshaw is the OG of high-end, exotic textiles and I'm a huge fan of his beautiful pillows and super soft blankets. I have this hand-stitched coverlet on my bed. It's dreamy.

A really good day (or bad one) ends with Justin's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. I believe they taste particularly amazing chilled, so I always keep my stash in the fridge. 


Jason gave this Jennifer Meyer initial pendant to me (in a "b") after I had Brixton. It's so dainty and beautiful, and reminds me of the greatest gift ever!!! I never take it off. 

Happy June!!! Just so happens to be my favorite month! ;)