Our dad takes pride in knowing what's happening on the food scene and we're always happy to follow along on his adventure. So we were thrilled to hear that Wildwood Kitchen had opened it's doors at The Mill in Santa Barbara.

It was so lovely to spend a "wintery" afternoon, bundled up in jackets, as the sun lowered behind the building wall. 

As the mother of a toddler, I love nothing more than having an early dinner. And we're always on the hunt for good BBQ so this was such a great find.

Nothing like some good fries.

This is a BBQ Sampler with smoked chicken, pork ribs, tri tip and coleslaw -- all so good (as you can see, we dug in before the picture was even taken). And I think the chili was the best I've had.

Their signature BBQ sauces, one beer-based and the other with hints of coffee.

And we, especially Mila, loved exploring The Mill's beautifully landscaped courtyard.

See you again soon, Wildwood