We've been doing all kinds of gift searching here at Twink + Sis, but today is dedicated to just the guys! Actor, screenwriter, and co-founder of The Acting Center LA, Eric Matheny, is one of the most stylish men I know (you should see his house!) so I asked him to share some of his top gift picks for the holiday season. Eric created a super stylish (and HILARIOUS) gift guide for us, so let's see what he had to say...

My good friend, Josh Warner, fine artist and craftsman, handcrafts some of the finest badassery anywhere at his GOOD ART HLYWD workshop. And what dude does not want more general badassery in his life? Exactly. 

GOOD ART HLYWD Belt Loop Buddy

And for a pricier choice...



I feel like hats have gotten out of control. Baseball caps work on game day but they now seem like bullshit every other time. And designer hats for men feel like they are destined to become a laughable footnote in fashion history - no offense Nick Fouquet. Is that the highest possible version of the "I don't care, but I work REALLY hard at it" hipster mentality wrapped up in a milliner's moniker? Okay I digress. The point is I feel like the simple, classic Irish wool snap caps might be the best choice for a casual hat for any man over the age of 17. 

DEL MONICO HATTER Hanna Irish Flatcap


The following is not the most specific suggestion, but here it goes:  A.P.C. 
That's all you need. Pretty much everything here is correct. Even the things that you think are probably not correct, in a few short months you'll realize they were indeed correct and now you're bummed you didn't buy it. Shoes, bags, jackets, shirts, sweaters - whatever, it's all good.


A.P.C. Men's Clothing


So I used to think that Club Monaco was for old fat men on boats who worked on tanning their bellies and paid models to lay across their bow. And who knows, maybe it was. But something changed while I wasn't looking and now they are making some really good, comfortable and classic things. For example, I really like this simple flannel shirt. I got it in Navy and Ivory. It's soft, looks great and the color isn't that stupid navy color, but the good one.

CLUB MONACO Slim Fit Flannel Shirt


Filmmaking is just getting more and more egalitarian. With these simple add-ons to your iPhone you can take those story ideas that flash through your mind and shoot them without needing a million dollar camera set-up. I mean, if Mark and Jay Duplass are doing it then I'm in. These are the two pieces that last year's movie "Tangerine" used to make their Sundance hit that was sold to Magnolia Pictures for "in the high six figures":


Ghurka makes ridiculously great luggage. The leather wears and grows old like a perfectly weathered saddle. It's one of those things you can pass down and it holds in all the cool you've added to it from your jealousy-inducing travels.