Salted Caramel topped with sea salt crystals and Fresh Mint Chip.

Salted Caramel topped with sea salt crystals and Fresh Mint Chip.

Now that Summer is officially here, it's time to eat lots of ice cream! All season long we'll be scooping up at our favorite ice cream shops. First up, is one of our perennial favorites - Sweet Rose Creamery. We frequent the Brentwood location the most, but we hear that their Santa Monica and Mid-City locations have soft serve!

Why we love Sweet Rose Creamery: They make only small-batch homemade ice cream using organic milk and eggs. They purchase produce from their local Santa Monica Farmer's Market. They don't use any stabilizers and their ice cream, sorbets and dairy-free ice creams are made from scratch on the premises every day. 

They feature year-round classics, as well as monthly and daily seasonal flavors.

Wanna take some home to enjoy later? They have a freezer full of pre-packed pints if you are in a hurry.

Also in the freezer - ice cream sandwiches, bon bons, popsicles and frozen bananas, for all of your frozen treat needs. Happy Summer!! xx


We have been seeing Hannah's Bananas everywhere and we were dying to try these treats taking the event world by storm! Thanks to our 1-year-old BFF, Ruby, we were able to dig in and have these super cute frozen bananas at her birthday party last weekend.

Hannah, who started her company as a high school project, 10 years ago, offers a variety of packages and banana sizes for all of your party needs. And she was the sweetest person. Her website says that her 1st grade dream was to be "ice cream (wo)man." Love it.

Her cart holds everything for the perfect frozen banana experience.

Her toppings included Oreos, shredded coconut, rainbow sprinkles and peanuts.

Dipping her banana bite into liquid chocolate.

Topped with sprinkles and ready to eat!

Thanks precious Ruby and beautiful mama, Rachelle! Great party!! xo!