Sis and I are both fans of Bulletproof coffee and tea, and the concept of creator, Dave Asprey's book and diet. (GOOD) FAT IS IN. And healthy!! Over the summer, we explored the new Bulletproof coffee shop in Santa Monica. I've recently had several people ask me about how I make mine at home, so I wanted to share how I put my "buttered coffee" together each morning.


Bulletproof coffee (or another single-sourced, organic coffee if possible), freshly ground (if possible)

Grass-fed ghee or butter (I personally think ghee tastes MUCH better in the coffee)

Brain Octane oil or high quality coconut oil

Optional: Collagelatin (Bulletproof product made of collagen & grass-fed gelatin)

You will also need some kind of a blender (the coffee really doesn't taste the same and isn't nearly as palatable when not blended).

I purchase all of my ingredients at Erewhon. And I like to use the three Bulletproof products but you can use alternatives if you so choose.

IMG_0093 (1).jpg

Pour hot, freshly brewed, black coffee into your blender. Add 1 tablespoon of ghee. You can increase the fats as your body gets used to it. Some people need to start slowly, with less.


Add 1 tablespoon of Brain Octane.

Add 1 scoop of Collagelatin.

Blend until combined and frothy (about 30-60 seconds).


May your mornings never be the same again! xx


Erewhon is my #1 food store in the city. I have been going to their Beverly Blvd. location since I was a kid (Thanks Mom for being such a wise foodie!). I'm so excited to see them expanding with new stores - Erewhon Calabasas recently celebrated their 1st Anniversary and their Venice location is opening soon.

Erewhon's strict and uncompromising health and ingredient standards put most other markets to shame. I won't name any names. ;) They are also ballsy enough to carry raw milk, which is a rarity, even in our progressive and health conscious city. You won't see any corn syrup or artificial anything in their store. You can see the complete list of products NOT carried at the store and learn more about their dedication to carrying only fresh, sustainable and the healthiest foods. 

It's nice not to have to weed through conventional produce - because all of this is organic!

Are you a Bulletproof devotee? Erewhon has got you covered.

I am the biggest fan our their organic cold pressed juices and elixirs. 

Never want for fermented veggies again. 

You can grab wine for your next dinner party too.

I love coming here for dinner! The cook up amazing organic foods all day.

They even have wild caught sushi. 

B loves partying in the store with this delish organic "poppie-corn." We love you Erewhon!!! xx

Erewhon Calabasa is located at: 26767 Agoura Rd., Calabasas, 91302