Yesterday we took Brixton to Disneyland for the first time. It's something I have been wanting to do since the day he was born. Jason and I used to go to Disneyland all the time, so we were really excited to take him. It was "interesting" with a toddler. Haha. The concept of waiting in line is still a bit foreign to Brixton so we didn't go on many rides. ("It's A Small World" went the best of the rides we did do). He LOVED the characters. That was the best part for him.

And these are both obvious tips but the two other things I would change/suggest:

1. Go in cooler months. I don't think heat makes it any easier for kids who are already exhausted by the long day and over-stimulating experience. Next time I think we'll go during the non-summer months.

2. If you plan to bring a stroller, make it as lightweight as possible. My jogger (as much as I love it) was WAY too big. It was extremely difficult to get on and off the tram and navigating through the crowds. A small and light stroller is ideal. 

My main concern with our visit was actually the food situation. So I spent a little time the day before to prep a picnic lunch and snacks, and I'm really happy I did. Before we left in the morning, I packed up our large camping cooler with the food and ice packs. When it was getting close to lunch, I went to the car for the cold food and brought everything back in a disposable bag. I tried to pack just enough food so that I didn't have to waste anything that wouldn't keep outside of the cold packs.

Disneyland doesn't have open grass for picnicking, so I set up our lunch on a lovely little bench at the beginning of Main Street. I brought a Turkish towel that friend Brandy gave to me as our "linen." I used a large piece of parchment paper as my "platter" which was tossed in the trash when we were done! I made egg salad sandwiches on Ezekiel bread, crudités with my favorite spinach and leek dip from Joan's on 3rd and cheeses, crackers and salami. 

We love LA Croix sparkling water, which was nice and cold from the cooler!

The egg salad sandwiches held up well in the cooler too. 

Brixton found his ideal woman in Cinderella.

And I found good lighting for a selfie.

Kisses for Mickey.

For dinner, we went to La Brea Bakery in Downtown Disney.

Pappardelle with sausage and braised short rib. 

All fun days must end in ice cream. It's the law. We stopped by Häagen-Dazs in Downtown Disney for our scoops.

Till next time, Disneyland! You were great! xx

My outfit - Overalls: Madewell, Purse: 3.1 Philip Lim via NET A PORTER, Shoes: Adidas, Hat: Brixton

Brixton's Mickey T-shirt: Atsuyo Et Akiko