When it comes to styling a table, I love foraged flowers and leaves. They really give an "organic" feel that commercially-grown flowers don't quite have. Don't get me wrong, I NEED those flower mart flowers, but adding that foraged element just does something special!  

Bougainvillea is wildly abundant in Southern California (it's drought tolerant!) and its stunning color was the perfect fit for the kids' birthday party earlier this summer. [Even though bougainvillea isn't tropical, it went with our Mexican destination celebration-inspired theme.] 

The fun part of styling with these beauties is you just pluck and stick, pluck and stick until you love the look. They fill in gaps beautifully and create a lush landscape.

They look equally great on the table itself or placed strategically on a serving tray.

Design: Twink + Sis

Photos: Jenna Elliott of One Eleven Photography

Party supplies: Meri Meri

Pinatas: Prospect Goods

Cake and copper cake stands: Whisk and Whittle

Brass cake stands: Borrowed BLU

Tables, benches, blankets, pillows: Yeah! Rentals