Wait! Did you forget client gifts?!? It's important to show the ones who give us business and ultimately contribute to our livelihood, that we really appreciate them!! So we thought we'd ask the ultimate business woman herself, one of our BFF's and super producer, Paige Dorian, to share her top client gift picks with us! I spend all year working with a variety of photographers, agents and creatives. 

I want the gift I send at the holidays to let them know how much I appreciate them, and also be something they might not get themselves. Throughout the year I keep my ears open to things they say in casual conversation, and try to incorporate their likes and style into the gift. Here are a few things I’ve gifted that have been a real hit. 

Tracee Nichols Jewelry -- Tracee’s “Roman" design is SO beautiful. You can combine gold, silver or bronze with a variety of stones. This design is also available as a bracelet or ring. The Roman symbolizes courage and strength. A perfect gift for the strong woman on your list.


Nespresso Machine -- I’ve gifted the Nespresso machine many times. Clients love these and put these in their offices (I have one in mine!). There is nothing better than being able to pop one of these pods in and have an espresso in minutes, and it’s beyond easy. George Clooney is in their ads, so how can you go wrong?


Poloroid Cube -- This lifestyle action camera can mount on a bike, attach to a keychain, or simply be held in your hand. It’s tiny and amazing. Perfect for creative people who want to be filming and capturing moments. It comes in a few different colors and everyone I’ve sent these to loves them. 


S’Well Bottles -- Probably the most stylish, and at the same time practical gift. I love these reusable bottles and everyone I have given them to does also. S'well bottles are beautifully crafted composed of non-leaching and non-toxic 18/8 stainless steel, that keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. I’ve given these to a ton of clients and they are so happy. They have a million colors and finishes too so there is an option for anyone. 


Makers Mess -- For people in the Los Angeles area, my new obsession is Makers Mess. This studio offers art classes for adults (and kids) that are unique and so much fun. I always think that gifting someone with an experience is the best thing you can do, and that way you are giving them something they might not get for themselves. You can do gift certificates here and present it with a calendar of all the upcoming options. 


Anker Charger -- This little charger is sleek and compact and with as much as we are all on our phones these days, we need to be ready to charge them up at a moment’s notice. I love this one. I have two charged and ready at all times!


So insightful!!! Thank you, Paige! xx


image courtesy of John Kelly Chocolates

image courtesy of John Kelly Chocolates

Frankly, I'm still recovering from the kids' tropical rager on Sunday. All I want to do is lay on the couch with the world's largest box of John Kelly Chocolates. Handmade at the their flagship Hollywood location, John Kelly uses only the finest natural ingredients for their confections. The two gentlemen who founded the company, (John & Kelly) opened their first shop and small chocolate factory on Sierra Bonita, off of Sunset Blvd., in 2004. They now have a second location in Santa Monica, on Montana Ave. I recently stopped by their Westside haunt to snap some pics and pick up some of my favorite chocolates.

Their signature peanut butter fudge, enrobed in Belgian chocolate and topped with pink Himalayan sea salt.

Great gift idea!

You can custom make a box or grab some of their greatest hits off of the shelves. The Walnut Caramel Clusters with Mediterranean Sea Salt are WINNERS.

A wall of chocolate and salt. My two faves.

More beauties from the case.

Father's Day is around the corner too, so if Dad is a chocolate lover, he will dig this! xx


John Kelly is located at:

1508 Sierra Bonita Ave., Hollywood


1111 1/2 Montana Ave., Santa Monica