Mila and I had a girls' lunch (just the two of us) at Au Fudge, Jessica Biel and Estee Stanley's restaurant and creative space in West Hollywood. I think I can safely say that I've never seen the combination of kid-friendly and great style done so well. 

Let's start with the creative space. Here's Mila in the tree house. How fun is that?

Would be such a fun place for a birthday party.

The concept is that you're able to have your kids participate in an activity, game or craft in the playroom, while under the supervision of their professional au pairs (at $15/hr), so you're able to have lunch with the ladies or a mini date with your man.

So now onto the restaurant. In additional to the dining room and bar, there's a small but beautiful patio, that makes you feel like you've "gotten away."

Crayons, colored paper and clay delivered to the table to keep busy while waiting for food.

Searching for those last bits of fries.

Mila's outfit: top by Louise Misha via Thumbeline; jeans by Gap; sandals by Pepe via Elias & Grace.