Looking for some Valentine decor inspiration?  Here's an idea that's super simple but delivers with a playful punch of color.  Grab the kids and DIY a Valentine heart garden!

Here's what you'll need: lots of hearts in various sizes and colors (these are from Paper Source but could just as easily be hand cut), glue, skewers.

Cover one side of one heart in glue.

Place the top half of the skewer down the center of the heart.   

Add the second heart on top of the glue and skewer.  Press down and all around to ensure the hearts are aligned and closed.  Repeat, repeat, repeat until you have enough heart flowers to fill your garden.

Plant your heart garden!


Who has captured your heart more than your little one, right?!  So lets take a look at some fun Valentine's Day gifts for kids.


We're constantly taking pictures of our kids.  Why not give them the chance to turn the camera around on us?  And this Twig Creative wooden toy camera is the cutest way to do it.

Kids love stickers!  And who wouldn't adore these neon pink hearts from Knot & Bow?

Permission to snuggle granted with this super soft LOVE tee from Atsuyo et Akiko.

Nothing like cuddling up with a good book.  GASTON is adorable with a focus on love and family.


Bowling, anyone?


Japanese wooden toy company Kiko makes the cutest things.  One of them just happens to be this pink car.


And this Gatcha Gatcha?  I can't take it!