Looking for some Valentine decor inspiration?  Here's an idea that's super simple but delivers with a playful punch of color.  Grab the kids and DIY a Valentine heart garden!

Here's what you'll need: lots of hearts in various sizes and colors (these are from Paper Source but could just as easily be hand cut), glue, skewers.

Cover one side of one heart in glue.

Place the top half of the skewer down the center of the heart.   

Add the second heart on top of the glue and skewer.  Press down and all around to ensure the hearts are aligned and closed.  Repeat, repeat, repeat until you have enough heart flowers to fill your garden.

Plant your heart garden!


Our favorite family-friendly band, The Beat Buds have teamed up with a new app Baby's Brilliant, and released their new video "Hello to you all."  They had a party at Sherman Oaks' Pint Size Kids to celebrate the release, and of course, we had to be in the front row!

We arrived a little early and played inside Pint Size Kids air-conditioned space for a bit. 

Their shaded "backyard" is adorable and perfect for a little concert.

And they served Brixton's favorite food so he was beyond thrilled. Thanks for being non-GMO SkinnyPop!

Hard-core jamming is now in session.

Johnny and Matty are amazing at getting the kids involved in every song. They provide all kinds of instruments for the kids to play through the show. We love you Beat Buds!!! Their music is available on CD via their website and can also be purchased on iTunes.

Pint Size Kids is a shoe-free environment. Kids can go barefoot but adults are required to wear socks. PSK is located at: 13323 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks 



Mila is obsessed with "Frozen" so I set out to put together an ice queen-inspired costume. I love a costume that doesn't require any new purchases, so I pulled together some items from her closet for this getup. There are so many possibilities for what could work here (we went with pink instead of the omnipresent blue). Here's what we used:

Sparkly dress: Le Pink by Little Mass

Feather cape: Tutu Du Monde via Shop Belle

Knit crown: Oeuf 

Teepee: Fire and Creme Kids

We gave Sven a Meri Meri Nutcracker hat and satin ribbon bow, making him fit to serve as the royal attendant. 


Continuing our obsession with French illustrator Marc Boutavant (his Abracadabra Djeco puzzle is one of our all-time favorites), we've fallen in love with Around the World with Mouk.

You know those days when you think, "I'm being the parent that I want to be"? Well, yesterday was one of those days. I took Mila to the farmers' market, she jumped in the bouncy house, we picked out organic fruit and vegetables, and then got this book from one of our favorite local shops, Entertaining Elephants.

FullSizeRender 17.jpg

What an incredible way to give a three-year-old a worldly view. The book's vibrant illustrations take you through local customs in Finland, Greece, Libya, Madagascar, India, China, Australia, Japan, Peru and New York. And there are 46 stickers to play with and place throughout the book.

So many fun things to discover.

Mila's tank is by Louise Misha via Thumbeline.