Mila is obsessed with "Frozen" so I set out to put together an ice queen-inspired costume. I love a costume that doesn't require any new purchases, so I pulled together some items from her closet for this getup. There are so many possibilities for what could work here (we went with pink instead of the omnipresent blue). Here's what we used:

Sparkly dress: Le Pink by Little Mass

Feather cape: Tutu Du Monde via Shop Belle

Knit crown: Oeuf 

Teepee: Fire and Creme Kids

We gave Sven a Meri Meri Nutcracker hat and satin ribbon bow, making him fit to serve as the royal attendant. 


We found our favorite summer treat! It's organic, inexpensive, easy to make and deliciously refreshing. And the recipe has only ONE ingredient -- watermelon.

You'll just need 1/4 of a large organic watermelon.

Place the fruit in your Vitamix (note: don't add water). The key is the tamper -- the tamper is going to keep the watermelon blending.

Now pour the watermelon juice you just made into your popsicle mold. We used the Zoku Classic Pop Mold.

Makes 6 full-size popsicles.

And then you can enjoy some beautiful outdoor time while your popsicles are freezing.

Icy goodness! 

Mila's dress is by Old Navy