Inspired by Studio DIY's glass of champagne costume, I set out to recreate the toddler version. So here's the sparkling juice costume. It doesn't quite have the same ring, does it? But it's so cute! All you need is a gold or sparkly dress and a couple accessories.

For the bubbles, I just got five gold balloons from Party City and tied them to a bottle of peach Izze.

On the headband, I used three clusters of ornaments from Michaels and wrapped their wire around a plastic headband.

Mila's dress is Tutu Du Monde via Thumbeline and shoes are Lilfut and Company


I love pieces that can be worn year after year. I got this Siaomimi fairy dress and tiara for Mila when she was one. She wore it that Halloween, last year and for dressing up this year too!

I first fell in love with Siaomimi at Auntie Barbara's, and have since discovered that Koko Blush, Merry Love Joy and Barneys carry several pieces. Here are some more of my favorite costumes from the line. 

Mermaid Long-Sleeve (similar)


I'm obsessed with Studio DIY and her genius Halloween costumes. She's had some amazing ones this year -- my favorites include kiwimilkshakescactus, popcorn and today's gumball machine.  

My first attempt at a Studio DIY costume for Mila was last year in the form of a pineapple. I followed the Pineapple Costume DIY and paired the green topper with a dress from American Apparel. I love that this costume can just go with anything yellow in the closet!

A year later and I'm still so in love with this pineapple costume situation! So I went for a gold version, using shiny gold card stock and a white plastic headband from Michaels. [A few notes: I glued the leaves together so they were gold on both sides. The shiny side of the paper wouldn't hold the glue/more leaves. Studio DIY calls for about 20 and I was only able to do about 5 so you're certainly getting a different look going this route.] Mila is wearing a Wovenplay suit and holding a brass pineapple from Borrowed BLU

P.S. Wanted to share this sweet photo of the kids taking a break at our Halloween table. Here's the "Sophisticated Halloween Dinner Party For People Who Hate Orange" on ELLE DECOR.


I love Halloween costumes that come from the closet. And I love pieces that are made from high-quality, natural materials. So for Mila's tiger tamer costume I used two of my favorite brands: Wovenplay and Tutu Du Monde.

The Wovenplay tiger cape is hand-printed cotton moleskin with french wool fringe and a cotton twill tape tie from designer Katherine Edmonds.

The Tutu Du Monde onesie has silver sequin beading and scalloped edging with an underskirt of two tiers of tulle. This onesie has gone strong for a year, from Christmas photos to Halloween costume. Love it! The dove headband has a stunning white feather, with a touch of pink, is anchored by a rose gold beaded center ornament and attached to a white sequined band. You may remember it from our Valentine party earlier this year. 


I first fell in love with Opposite of Far at the YEAH! Furniture Pop-Up Family Brunch. The adorable felt masks are all designed and made by creator/owner Jessica Near in her small town Central Indiana studio.

Black Cat + Skeleton + Grey Owl 

Then I was so happy to discover The Wishing Elephant through their Opposite of Far  collaborations. They really have some genius costumes. Did you see that Bjork Swan dress we had in our Halloween Costumes for Girls? Incredible!