Looking for some Valentine decor inspiration?  Here's an idea that's super simple but delivers with a playful punch of color.  Grab the kids and DIY a Valentine heart garden!

Here's what you'll need: lots of hearts in various sizes and colors (these are from Paper Source but could just as easily be hand cut), glue, skewers.

Cover one side of one heart in glue.

Place the top half of the skewer down the center of the heart.   

Add the second heart on top of the glue and skewer.  Press down and all around to ensure the hearts are aligned and closed.  Repeat, repeat, repeat until you have enough heart flowers to fill your garden.

Plant your heart garden!


I made a cute and simple anchor garland for last weekend's Nautical and Natural Baby Sprinkle. They also make great summer party decorations. 

For the ANCHOR BANNER you will need:

Navy Card Stock (One sheet per anchor. I purchased mine from Paper Source and I used five) 

Natural Twine

Anchor Template (I used this one)


Small Single Hole Punch

Print the anchor template on the card stock. Cut along the outside of the black outline. 

Punch two holes near the top of the anchor, about 1/4 inch apart. String the twin through. Repeat with four of more anchors. You've got a summer and/or baby boy garland!


Nothing like the vision of pink and red hearts to get me inspired on some Valentine decor and crafts.  Now that I'm a mom, Valentine's Day is even more fun because I get to share it with my sweet girl.  And there are genius, GENIUS, people out there coming up with the most incredible DIYs for you and your brood.

The House That Lars Built always has incredible Valentine ideas.  Loving this Polish pajaki chandelier.

Donut and heart piñatas, what?!  Still enamored with mini piñatas, especially these from Little Inspiration.

Speaking of donuts, California Donuts has Valentine letter donuts that spell out things like, “I LOVE YOU,” “WILL YOU BE MINE” and “HAPPY VDAY.”  Cute, right?  

Here's what Studio DIY did with her California Donuts: "Oh Snap!"


Sugar & Cloth really has a way with arrows. Love how she made these macaroons Valentine-worthy.

Once you're done with your pretty crafts, you can check out Style Me Pretty Living's tips on How to Host a Valentine's Day Party, even though you may be in a sugar coma!


I never thought I'd put Super Bowl and DIY together, but it's happening.  I don't even watch football.  Shh, don't tell Tom Brady.  But let's deal with this -- there are some super cute Super Bowl DIYs out there!

First up, my favorite subject, ice cream.  Look at these quick and easy ice cream football sandwiches.  Hello!

Football mason jars.

Then your husband needs a job before the big game, so he can make the DIY football bleachers for the cupcakes.

Football field table cover.

And, of course, the party wouldn't be complete without a photo booth!