I was trying to think of what we could do on a Wednesday evening on one of the last days of summer (even though the hot weather continues way too long here) and decided on a scavenger hunt. I used to LOVE scavenger hunts as a teenager (and twentysomething) -- wildly running around the city trying to outsmart the other team. For Mila's (3) first scavenger hunt I went #ssis (so simple it's silly) for both our sakes. I literally wrote Rock, Flower, Leaf and Stick, with a box to the left of each, on a piece of paper.

Mila setting her sights on a flower to check it off the list.

Proudly carrying her list along the hunt.

As you can see, I literally scribbled on a piece of copy paper. But the little boxes worked so well because she LOVED putting the item in the square. It was so fun to see her get into it -- she was so proud! We'll definitely do more and get more advanced/adventurous as we go!

Tunic dress by Pink Chicken