I was trying to think of what we could do on a Wednesday evening on one of the last days of summer (even though the hot weather continues way too long here) and decided on a scavenger hunt. I used to LOVE scavenger hunts as a teenager (and twentysomething) -- wildly running around the city trying to outsmart the other team. For Mila's (3) first scavenger hunt I went #ssis (so simple it's silly) for both our sakes. I literally wrote Rock, Flower, Leaf and Stick, with a box to the left of each, on a piece of paper.

Mila setting her sights on a flower to check it off the list.

Proudly carrying her list along the hunt.

As you can see, I literally scribbled on a piece of copy paper. But the little boxes worked so well because she LOVED putting the item in the square. It was so fun to see her get into it -- she was so proud! We'll definitely do more and get more advanced/adventurous as we go!

Tunic dress by Pink Chicken



I'd like to personally thank Melina Davies for bringing Olive & Thyme to Toluca Lake. She and Alex Eusebio of Sweetsalt are certainly responsible for establishing the neighborhood's food scene.

Walking into Olive & Thyme, you're enveloped in eye candy, with lots of little details: from the flowers (peonies on every table) to the vintage farm animals sweetly placed in each nook.

The gourmet restaurant and marketplace serves breakfast, lunch and dinner but my favorite is lunch. Their Cobb salad with spicy Russian dressing is a go-to. 


The case is always filled with vibrant salads and sides, as well as incredible cheeses and charcuterie.

The space is quite large and lends itself well to pursuing the marketplace filled with sweets, cookbooks and home decor treats. Our fave, Hedley & Bennett, is represented with mini aprons

Olive & Thyme is located at 3821 Riverside Drive in Toluca Lake. Closed on Sundays.