I was trying to think of what we could do on a Wednesday evening on one of the last days of summer (even though the hot weather continues way too long here) and decided on a scavenger hunt. I used to LOVE scavenger hunts as a teenager (and twentysomething) -- wildly running around the city trying to outsmart the other team. For Mila's (3) first scavenger hunt I went #ssis (so simple it's silly) for both our sakes. I literally wrote Rock, Flower, Leaf and Stick, with a box to the left of each, on a piece of paper.

Mila setting her sights on a flower to check it off the list.

Proudly carrying her list along the hunt.

As you can see, I literally scribbled on a piece of copy paper. But the little boxes worked so well because she LOVED putting the item in the square. It was so fun to see her get into it -- she was so proud! We'll definitely do more and get more advanced/adventurous as we go!

Tunic dress by Pink Chicken


Mom/Grammie and I took the kids to La Cañada's Descanso Gardens for the most beautiful morning. I had forgotten just how stunning it is there. The overcast skies and cool weather made it feel like the beginning of fall and we were in Heaven.

Founded in 1953 by E. Manchester Boddy, Decasnso is home to 160 acres of gardens and woodlands, in addition to the gorgeous 12,000 square foot mansion, The Boddy House - available for wedding and private events. 

Adorable cafe, across from their gift shop.

Their new water-wise, sustainable center circle.

The kids had so much fun walking around and exploring. 

Duck and ducklings!!!

The kids were pumped for the Enchanted Railroad.

**Check the website for run times, as it doesn't run every day.

Descanso has great seasonal activities, so be sure to check out their online calendar. The spectacular "The Rise of the Jack O'Lanterns" Halloween installation, runs Oct 1st-Nov 1st. Click The Rise FAQ for times and details.

Discanso Gardens is located at:

1418 Descanso Drive, La Cañada, Flintridge, CA 91011

Click HERE for hours and more.




Over the weekend, we went "glamping" at the beautiful El Capitan Canyon. This is my level of camping. Especially with a two-year-old.

Here's how they describe it on their website - "Enjoy services and amenities typically found in a traditional resort, yet it’s minimalism without deprivation… comfort without over-indulgence. The glories of nature without the overbearing manufactured hand of man. Experience the natural beauty of the environment in a camp-like surrounding with all the creature comforts we have come to enjoy and expect."

You can chose between various types of cedar cabins or a luxury safari tent. We stayed in a "Creekside King," which was one room with a kitchenette and bathroom. Those rooms come with small fridges but my friends instructed me to bring a large cooler with ice packs which worked brilliantly. I kept it on our porch for the three-day weekend and my food was still cold at the end of the trip. 

Spend the day outside hiking in nature, play sports on their grassy field, swim in their heated pool, bring the kids to their playground or bike to the beach. 

Then return back to camp to make food on the grill!

And just because you are camping, doesn't mean you can't enjoy a good cheese platter! Just buy your favorite cheeses and crackers ahead of time, pack perishables in your cooler, bring parchment paper and/or wood platters and you are set!

And if you don't want to bring food, El Capitan has their own cafe and market with almost anything and everything you could want.

Their adorable country-style market.

We enjoyed a break from cooking on the campfire and ordered Sunday breakfast at the cafe.

Peaceful and pretty surroundings outside the market/cafe.

This guy had the best time! Can't wait for next year!! xx


Over the weekend, Brixton and I attended The Alliance of Mom's "Giant Playdate," benefiting The Alliance for Children's Rights. The Alliance of Moms is an auxiliary group whose overall mission is to grow a community of moms in Los Angeles who believe their role as parents extends beyond their own children and their focus is to support children in foster care who live without the foundation of family. This quote from their website really struck a chord with me - "AOM moms feel passionately about modeling a life that includes philanthropy for their own kids." Prior to having kids, Sis and I talked a lot about how to demonstrate giving to our children and how this was really important to us. This was a beautiful family-friendly event supporting a beautiful cause. So many talented people and wonderful companies contributed to it, to make it the best playdate I've ever been on!

Colorful and fun set-up at the the gorgeous Lombardi House in Hollywood.

Brixton working the step and repeat.

Super cute arts and craft tables.

Delicious dessert display from Sweet and Saucy Shop.

The striking barn housed the awesome silent auction, Flipbooth and informational video.

B and I selfie-ing it up in the Flipbooth area.

HeirloomLA contributed to the event with their famous lasagna cupcakes and fresh market salads. 

My current obsession: SiPaletas artisanal, all-natural, handmade frozen treats. SO GOOD!!!

Love this make-your-own Mother's Day bouquet stand. 

Brixton went crazy for the bubble-making pools by Best Bubble Parties.

Found Rentals provided their gorgeous furniture and accents for the perfect family lounging experience and Geronimo Balloons added pops of color and fun with her amazing fringe balloons.

We ended the day with a massive jam mesh with Free To Be Me Drum Circle.  

Little drummer boy had a great time supporting Alliance of Moms and Alliance for Children's Rights. To find out more about these wonderful groups and how you can help, CLICK HERE. xx