Sisters! [We may be partial to sisters.] Genius sisters Chloe and Olivia started Olli Ella as a happy accident. After not being able to find a nursing chair to fit the eclectic feel of her first child’s nursery, Chloe Brookman, and her sister Olivia, designed a chair themselves. Since then they've turned the endeavor into a beautiful, modern home decor line, with a focus on the nursery. We especially love their baskets and wanted to share a few of them here with you. 

So cute for home or a trip to the farmers' market! 


It's strawberry season! For Mila's first pick-your-own strawberries adventure, we decided on McGrath Family Farm in Camarillo, CA (less than an hour north of LA). The organic farm was a perfect setting for our endeavor, it turned out to be a very simple yet fruitful afternoon.

I didn't know if we had enough farmer skills in us to fill an entire basket, but we did it!

Saying hello to the chickens as we make our way back to the market.

We took home as many bunches of their carrots as we could carry. They made for incredible crudités.

We sat on an outside bench and ate our entire basket of strawberries (the sweetest I've ever tasted), surrounded by the smell of cinnamon oil (a natural way to keep the pests away).