We're really feeling the Easter spirit around here! So it was perfect to get a craft from Seedling, that we could do with the kids, to get the celebration started. 

These Pom Pom Bunny Kits are for 5+ so we gave Brixton (3) and Mila (4) some help. They loved wrapping the yarn around the pom-pom template, and of course, decorating the bunnies -- those little faces! Here they are in action. 

Attention to detail. 

Happy Easter!


Wish we knew about cascarones (kas-ka-ron-ez) when we were kids! Mexican tradition says, break the confetti egg over your friend's head and it will bring them good luck. We have toddlers, so decided to go the non-head smashing route. They got to smash their own eggs, which was a big hit.


The cascarones are perfect for the Easter egg hunt too.


And they make for great table decor.


We got our confetti eggs from Paper Source but Oh Happy Day and Pretty Prudent have some great DIYs to make your own.


Do you know about surprise bunnies?! They're kinda like mini Christmas crackers and are one of the greatest things to happen to an Easter party. These Meri Meri surprise bunnies keep the kids entertained as they unwrap layers of tissue to reveal jokes, temporary tattoos and a little baby chick inside. So cute and fun!

Starting as party decor.

And moving onto entertainment.

Layers and layers of tissue to unwrap.

To finally get to the prize inside.

These little party animals loved them! 


We love a crown for every occasion, so why not a fun, colorful bunny crown for Easter? We made two: one for us and one for our stuffed animal friend. Here's the DIY!

You may remember our St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Feather Crown, this one is similar in concept.

Here's what you'll need: 5 colors of cover weight paper, purple headband, hot glue gun, scissors, bunny template (you only need page 2). 

To start, print your bunny template on white paper. Cut out 1 bunny. Trace the bunny twice on 5 sheets of colored paper so you cut out a total of 10 bunnies. Lay 5 colored bunnies out to check placement on headband.

Start with green on far left and layer blue to the right of it. Hot glue a dab to the headband as you go. Then start with orange on far right and layer pink to the left of it. Hot glue a dab on those two. Place purple bunny in the center and hot glue down.

For our furry friend's crown, it's very similar to ours, but we're going to use a pink satin ribbon (instead of a purple headband) and layer the bunnies on a smaller section (so they're all laying on top of each other).

Start by placing the blue bunny on the left and the green on the right, with their ears touching. Glue them down.

Then add the orange bunny center right and the purple bunny center left.

Place pink bunny in the center of crown and glue down. Tie ribbon into a bow at the back.