I loved this St. Patrick's Day rainbow feather crown from last year so much I thought I'd share it with you again!

Obsessed with feather crowns over here! So why not make one for St. Patrick's Day? This DIY is pretty fast and easy but still packs a colorful punch. 

Here's what you'll need: colored feathers, gold headband, gems, hot glue gun, scissors. To start, choose your feathers in a rainbow of your liking:

Trim the stems so that all the feathers are close to the same length:

Turn the headband inside out and glue the feathers with a hot glue gun to the inner middle of the band:

Choose your gems:

Turn headband right side out. Place gems below the headband to make sure you like the configuration first. Then glue them on band with hot glue gun:

And you're done! Now you can go chasing leprechauns and pots of gold.


Wanting to celebrate St. Patrick's Day but don't know where to start? Not feeling very crafty? Here are some great St. Patrick's Day party supplies to fill your celebration with green, gold and rainbow. You won't have to stay up all night to get lucky.

Let's start with the cupcake toppers, because that really sets the mood for the rest of the party, dontcha think? And how cute are the gold horseshoes in this cupcake kit?

Should you decide to go the cake route, here's Acme's rainbow bunting that will certainly accessorize well. 

Listen, I know we're celebrating the Irish, but the French really know how to do it, don't they? My Little Day takes tableware to a whole new level with this green triangles dinner plate via Shop Sweet Lulu.

You definitely need these rainbow stripe utensils. Don't worry, we'll figure out something to eat with them.

We shall call this the pot of gold cup.

Half dot rainbow garland from Land of Nod.

Bring that field of clovers feeling inside by covering your dining room wall in grass green honeycomb fans.

A gold piñata makes everything better. 

Don't forget the confetti

And the perfect party favor: a four-leaf clover temporary tattoo