The Carpinteria Seal Sanctuary is an easy day trip from Los Angeles. But you really only need an hour there. So if you're on your way to Santa Barbara, it makes for a good stop to get out and stretch your legs.

It's home to almost 100 adult seals who give birth to their cubs on the Carpinteria shoreline. 

The sanctuary is a protected birthing habitat for harbor seals [from December] through May every year. 

The winding trail leads down to a beautiful coastal view.

Lots of room for running.

The trail goes for miles along the bluffs -- offering great views overlooking the ocean. 

This way!

There they are, the mommies and babies. The Sanctuary recommends bringing binoculars, and you can see why. The beach is closed so this is the closest you're gonna get. 

Taking it all in. [Mila's dress is by Nellystella.]