We wanted to reimagine Halloween. Tired of the traditional orange and black, we decided to turn it on its head with neon and silver. Add some white owls, pumpkins and flowers, and voila! Here's a look at the photos from Jenna Elliott, One Eleven Photography.

The spiderweb backdrop was so fun and easy to make. Just washi tape.

Our little ghost pops are vegan coconut bars with goji berry eyes.

Skeleton hands from Michaels were painted neon before serving up the macarons.

Little owls flocking to the coconut cake.

Cantaloupe lent a fresh element while reminding us of Halloween's traditional orange. 

Care for skeleton hand soup, anyone? The plates, bowls and cups are all affordable from Target.

Handmade "ghost" tassels floated over the bookshelves.

Milaโ€™s playsuit and headband: Nellystella and Tutu du Monde via Thumbeline | Wings: Fairy Birds

And here it is on 100 Layer Cakelet!

Photos: Jenna Elliott, One Eleven Photography
DIY spider, skulls, skeletons, tassels, cake toppers: Michaels
DIY neon washi tape spiderweb: Office Depot
Coconut cake, macarons: Whole Foods
Ghost bars: Coconut Bliss
Milk glass cake stand: Sur la Table
Silver tablecloth: Town and Country
Dishes, silver trays: Target
Silver glitter box: Paper Source
White pumpkins: Gelsonโ€™s


Don't know what you're going to do for your Easter flowers yet? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Today kicks off our inaugural monthly flower post. We'll take you through the details on making your own gorg arrangement. The flowers for the beauty above were just over $30 (and gave us leftovers). You'll need:

1 vase (small to medium)

2-3 bunches of ranunculus (coral, pink, magenta)

3 stems (or 1 bunch) of french tulips (orangish)

1 bunch of freesia (magenta)

Take 3 ranunculus and trim them to vase length. 

Set aside 5 ranunculus for later. With the rest of the ranunculus, continue to add them in bunches of 3 until you've filled the outer portion of the vase. Keep some shorter/close to the rim and let others hang out longer. Work to arrange the coral on the right, with the magenta on the left and the pink in the middle to marry them.

Add your 3 orangish tulips to the right. Place your freesia on the left, 3 stems at a time. Continue to add freesia as you make your way up to the top and over. Fill in the center with those 5 ranunculus you saved. And you're done! [If you live in a hot climate, place in your refrigerator until party time.]