Cinco de Mayo calls for a flower crown, don't ya think? 

You'll need: 3-5 sheets of colored card stock, glue gun, scissors.

The paper flowers are based on this DIY from The House That Lars Built on Oh Happy Day, with a variation from Tania Fischer Design (if you're in California, I highly recommend Tania's giant flower class).

Make three flowers. Hot glue them to a headband -- glue them CLOSER together than you think they need to be.


For this month's flower post, we're focusing on Mother's Day (May 10th). Moms always say, just make me something. But we know how much they/we love flowers. So we're showing mom some appreciation with these DIY blooms. 

The flowers cost us just under $50. You can contact your local flower mart or ask your grocery store, like Whole Foods, to order them for you (even Trader Joe's has a floral department that can check flower availability for you). Here's what you'll need:

1 vase (small to medium).

2 stems of amaryllis (peach).

1 bunch of nerine (pink).

1 bunch of dubium (yellow or orange).

1 bunch of bleeding heart (pink).

Take the bleeding heart, trim and fill your vase with it.

Add one stem of amaryllis at the center, and another to the left.

Place three stems of dubium on the right. 

Sprinkle the remainder of the dubium to the left/throughout the arrangement. Take three nerine at a time and place near left, right and center.

Now you have this beauty for mom -- or yourself! 


Don't know what you're going to do for your Easter flowers yet? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Today kicks off our inaugural monthly flower post. We'll take you through the details on making your own gorg arrangement. The flowers for the beauty above were just over $30 (and gave us leftovers). You'll need:

1 vase (small to medium)

2-3 bunches of ranunculus (coral, pink, magenta)

3 stems (or 1 bunch) of french tulips (orangish)

1 bunch of freesia (magenta)

Take 3 ranunculus and trim them to vase length. 

Set aside 5 ranunculus for later. With the rest of the ranunculus, continue to add them in bunches of 3 until you've filled the outer portion of the vase. Keep some shorter/close to the rim and let others hang out longer. Work to arrange the coral on the right, with the magenta on the left and the pink in the middle to marry them.

Add your 3 orangish tulips to the right. Place your freesia on the left, 3 stems at a time. Continue to add freesia as you make your way up to the top and over. Fill in the center with those 5 ranunculus you saved. And you're done! [If you live in a hot climate, place in your refrigerator until party time.]


I'll admit it, I get jealous of New York and their incredible Central Park (it's only 843 acres of green oasis in the middle of a metropolis). But Los Angeles has its fair share of beautiful parks too. The Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden is pretty stunning. At 127 acres it gives you plenty to look at, especially in the spring when the flowering trees are in bloom. But the highlight, especially with a toddler, was the peacocks who roam the property at their leisure. Being amongst the majestic creatures was like walking through a wonderland. 

The Aloe Trail on the way to the Africa Garden.

Gorgeous trumpet trees in bloom.

Over two hundred peacocks call The Arboretum home.

The grounds are very exposed to the sun so pack your sunscreen, hat, water, and bring a stroller for little ones.

The Arboretum maintains a calendar of kid events. The day before Easter they'll host egg hunts and hikes.

Food recommendations within 15 minutes: The Market on Holly (farm to table), Houston's (American), Saladang (Thai).


Valentine's Day is the second biggest flower giving holiday of the year. So we all have a lot of flowers lying around after last weekend, right?  Instead of just throwing them away, here are some ideas for repurposing those blooms. 

Flower poppers! You see them all the time with confetti, so why not with flowers? Mila loved plucking all the hyacinth off the stems and stuffing the blossoms into the poppers. 

Pollen Floral Design and Lauren Wells Events take the party hat to a WHOLE new level with flowers. Photo by Cambria Grace Photography via 100 Layer Cake.

Isn't this giant floral typography wall art DIY by Paper & Stitch gorgeous?

This DIY hanging flower installation from Sugar & Cloth is pretty impressive.

And if you feel like wearing your flowers, these DIY spring flower crowns by blรผm floral design could be fun. Photo by Brown Butter Photography via Green Wedding Shoes.